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Foodbox on site.

Get to know us. 

We started off with 400 operatives and within a year we grew to 1500 daily.


Our commitment to service with a smile is more than just a motto; it’s a way of our life.

Every morning, the kitchen preps fresh food and ingredients for the day. And we prepare our staff with a daily talk, so everyone knows what to expect in the day. This creates teambuilding.  The Foodbox employees greet all operatives everyday with warmth and genuine smiles, to make everyone feel cherished.


For the operatives at AMS the foodbox team became a source of solance and comfort.

The fresh food we make daily and buy from local suppliers and local farms brings smiles to their faces and sense of appreciation for the hard work all the operatives are doing.

We want to make the operatives feel more than just a number, we want to give personal touch to the operatives.


The Foodbox is not just about serving food and making customers happy. We are also dedicated to supporting and uplifting the local farmers and suppliers who play a crucial role in our success.


We firmly believe in the importance of forging strong partnerships with local farmers and suppliers. By doing so, they not only ensured a continuous supply of fresh, high- quality ingredients but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local agricultural community.


We try to build strong relationships with the farmers, learning about their farming practices and the care that goes into growing their produce.

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